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Today I will show you how to download the game from the website. Many people want to download games online to play on mobile and computer but nowhere is there a good game download system So today I will discuss the easiest way to download the game and some new game download sites. You can also know the rules.

People search Google most to download Java, Android and PC games. So I have come up with a game download site as per your demand and a way to download some new games. The games that are made in the modern era are very high quality..

There are also some websites that only upload premium games. But most computer users play premium games. Because there is no fun without playing premium games.

I want to download the game

The websites that will be discussed here now have a wealth of thousands of games. Currently the most popular games can be downloaded from these websites. Moreover I will make a list of some of the best games to download in good quality through which you can learn about and download the games from here. I want to download every game with your great morale.

Download PC games

Want to download games but can’t get it for PC device? Then download these games. Not all types of games can be played on smart phones. There are some virtual games that game lovers are desperate to play But they do not support mobile devices. So they have to play through the computer.

PC games are very high quality and people download them with a lot of demand. If you have a PC you can download and play these popular games. Downloading these games may cost some money and you can also download some games for free.

Game download website

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2.Steam – Download PC Games
4.I want to download games from GOG
6.I want to download games from GameJolt
7.Google play store
8.9apps Want to download games from


Steam – Download PC Games
Steam is the best online platform for downloading games for computer or laptop devices. From this website you can download various genre games starting from action and FPS or fast person shooter games.

You can find the games that are currently gaining popularity here. You have to spend money to download the game in Triple. There is also the opportunity to download games for free from here.

Many people want to download games from this website, because it is a good quality game download site. Before downloading each game, you can find out about the games from the forum posts of their various visitors.

Moreover, if you are a game developer, you can upload your created games here. Not only games are available here but also various software downloads are available.

One of the best reasons to download game games from the Steep website is that the best deals of all time are available here. Discounts are given in each game so you can download fun games for less money.

Also if you can always be active on this site then you can accept their offers at any time. Because they provide premium games for free at different times.


This is a very good platform for those who want to download free games from the website. You can download different versions of the game from this site.

This site was originally created for programming training. But over time that is likely to change. Now thousands of visitors get the right to download new and popular games here. If you want, you can also download PC games from this site for free.

The name of this website shows that there is a huge collection of games here. They provide different information about each game and create articles. Through which you can understand where the games can be downloaded for free. But not all kinds of games can be downloaded from this site. If you follow their instructions then you can download the desired game for free.


I want to download games from GOG
Like Steam Gaming Platform, it is a web gaming platform. A variety of new and old games are available here. The full name of this site is “Good Old Games” which is abbreviated as GeoG. From here you can download PC games.

Here are some of the best games that will fascinate you. There are no indie games on this site. But for computer games it is still working with a lot of popularity.

There are various types of games like action game, adventure, genres and RPG available on the GeoG site. One of the advantages of buying games from this site is that the price of the game decreases a lot at different times. Good games are available here that you can get anywhere else. Games with very high-quality graphics are here. The title of the game sold on the site in 2012 was Assassin’s Creed and The Metro Redux Series.


This digital gaming platform has been created with the ownership of EA Games. Initially this gaming platform was thought to be a tough competitor to Steam. But the reason it competes with other gaming platforms is because it has cloud technology. Due to which you can download the games at any time by visiting the site at super speed.

Not every game is paid here. If you want, you can download and play some good quality games for free. Before you download the games you want to know some information about the game.

Here you will find the latest games released in the modern era. But basically games are sold here. The poison is not always available in the game for free. So you can download the game from here if you want.


I want to download games from GameJolt
If you are looking for indie games then Gamezolt website is best for you. Users can also upload games on this site. Supports Java, Flash and Unity games here. Gamezolt is a very large gaming platform.

Thousands of games are available here. Games like your mind can be found very easily here. The biggest thing is that the games are provided here for free.

Not only for Windows, you will also find games for Mac here. There is no need to open an account on the site when you download a game. However, if you want to upload games here, you must create an account. Not too many megabytes per game. As a result, your internet data costs will be lower.

While downloading the games, you will be able to know the details of the game and see the screenshots. If you find a problem by downloading any games you can share the issue on their forum page. So this is a very funny site. And these 5 are great for downloading computer games.


Download mobile games


Now I will discuss the best 5 game download sites for Android mobile. Like computers, everyone wants to download games on mobile. So I have listed here some good quality games download sites not only for computers but also for mobiles.

Currently, Android mobile games like PC games are also available in large quantities on the Internet. Moreover there are many good quality websites for downloading mobile games. Let’s not know the details about those sites.

Google play store
Google is currently a large multinational technology company. Nothing works right on Android mobiles except the Play Store. Apps are set in Google Play Store in every Android mobile And everyone downloads various apps and games from this play store. In fact it is the biggest platform to download Android applications.

You can download games from the Google Play Store at speeds several times faster than you can download games on other platforms.

Google Play Store is the fastest way to download any type of file. All the popular game names you hear are available in the Play Store. You can download from the Play Store just by typing the name of the game.

If you download any games from the Play Store it will be installed directly on your mobile. You do not need a separate installation process for this. Android users all over the world collect games from the Play Store.


9apps  Want to download games from
A variety of applications and games are available in the Google Play Store. In the same way various apps and games are available in this website. You can download any kind of game from this platform.

Millions of people visit this site every day. Versions of each game are available here. You can find out the details before downloading the games. You will get the option to download each game to play on mobile.

You can play the games by installing them on your mobile phone through internet without any effort. If you want to know about the popularity of any game you can easily check the rating of the game. And with it you can easily understand how popular a game is. Because the games that have higher ratings are very popular with the users.

One of the advantages of collecting games from here is that you can download the games directly to the memory card. As a result you can start playing at any time by installing downloaded games.


If you want to download games from the Play Store as well as other websites from the Internet, you can visit the APKPure site.

All kinds of Play Store applications exist on this site. Although the game can be downloaded here at a slightly lower speed than the Play Store, it is a very popular APK platform for Android users. One of the advantages of downloading game games from this website is that all versions of a game can be found here.

You can collect any version of the game of your choice. You can also get various applications for free and exchange money from this site like Play Store Popular games like Call of Duty Pubji and Free Fire can be collected here for free Not only for Android mobile you can also download free games for iPhone from here if you want.


Uptodown  Want to download games from
It is another popular platform for downloading games. Here you can find various games apps and articles on smart phones.


You can easily download the game game completely free of cost. Not only smartphones you can also collect free games for Mac and Windows if you want.

Each game is briefly described here and YouTube videos or screenshots are provided. This way you can easily find out what the game is like.

Many games and apps are not found in the Google Play Store. But from here you can download and use them for free.


This is another good game download site for smart phones. The best games are available here. There are many types of games available to suit your needs.

Every day a new game is added here. You can easily download the game from this site by entering your mobile browser. You can collect your favorite car games, football, war games and shooter games from here. Each game you can collect on the memory card without any hassle.

You can also upload different games here if you want. So you can easily enjoy this site by downloading the game.


Those who want to download games for smartphones or computers can easily collect games for free from the sites listed here. I hope you enjoyed the article. This list is very useful for those who are game lovers. They can easily download and play the games..

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