Top Five Insurance Policies for Everyone part2

4.Property insurance

It is a typical insurance policy that is a must in many states and countries. In some cases, it is also called Homeowner insurance. When you go to take a loan from the bank for building your home they need to guarantee that the asset is insured. In this case you must present your homeowner’s insurance policy.

In other cases, you may also need renter insurance. Even if you live on rent, there are many essential items inside your home. For instance you need must insure each item. Even for theft fire natural disaster there is separate insurance.

Buy them as per your need. A quick tip is to have robbery insurance in case you live in a dangerous area. The same applies to damage insurance if your area is at risk of more natural disasters.

Auto insurance

In many countries, it is the basic need when you take your car out on the road. Without proper insurance, they won’t allow you to drive, and you are bound by law to have one. Even if there is no such law, it is always good to do proper insurance of your vehicle.


If you are driving an old car it can stop working anytime. Insurance will save you then. Even if you ride a new vehicle, accidents can happen anytime at any place. In such cases auto insurance comes to your rescue.

The most common type of auto insurance is insurance against accidents. When you are ready to have one make sure to read all the terms and conditions. Make sure they suit your needs before you finalize them.

Final words

Insurance is a crucial part of our life now. We don’t know what will happen next and can’t predict our financial condition at any moment. In this case insurance policies save us and keep us within our budget. However it is necessary to avail of only the ones that you need the most. In this case our list of the top five insurance policies for everyone will be useful for you.

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