Top 5 High Graphics Android Games 2020

Who doesn’t like high graphics android games? Because this kind of game is a lot like real-life game. Everything, including the location, the environment the characters, starts to shine. As a result, games with advanced graphics are liked by all mobile users

Games are mainly our means of entertainment. We spend our private time playing games and enjoy it a lot. Or, we share our joy with others by playing multiplayer games with friends. Today there will be some offline games and some multiplayer online games with the best high graphics of 2020.

In this post I will look for some of the high graphics games that you will be surprised to see. Earlier the idea was, good games can only be played on PC. However, there are currently some games being made for Android phones that will change the previous idea.

High Graphics Android Game 2020

1. Bright Memory Mobile
Bright memory mobile is at the top of our game list. The game is an offline game. So many of you have heard the name of the bright mobile game. But, this time the real bright memory mobile goes to Android. The game is a great high graphics and first person action game.

The game is basically a story based action game. The main character of the game is Cyrilia who is a member of a science research organization. Cyrilia goes to different places to do research and fights with different characters. With this, the story of the game continues. However, to play the game you need to have a minimum Snapdragon 60 processor.


2. Battle Prime Mobile
After a long wait, the real battle prime for mobile finally left. This is basically an online multiplayer game. If you want to get a taste of something new out of Pubji or Call of Duty, then Battle Prime is the best option. Battle Prime Mobile game you can play in different modes.


3. Devil May Cry Mobile
Devil May Cry is a great mobile game. Playing the game will change your perception of mobile games. The game has great graphics, as well as a lot of action. You can create new fighting action combos in the game. If you don’t play the game, you will miss the real fun of the Android game.

You will not find Devil May Cry Mobile game in Play Store. You need to download from a third party website. If you do not know which website to download from,


4. LifeAfter
Life After Game is the number one game in terms of Android high graphics. Graphics like mind, beautiful location, zombie, monster all together the game is no less than a PC game. The game is a survival game and you can play it in story mode. The game is full online.


5. Project War Mobile
This is a third person online shooter game. In the game you have to hit the zombie. However it is completely different from other zombie shooters. The game becomes more fun, if the game is played with 10 people in PVP mode.


Many are wondering why the best high graphics game but not the name of Pubji or Call of Duty is real. We all know the relationship between pubji and cod games. So, the names of the two games did not appear in this list. We wanted to get out of some familiar games and introduce some new ones.

This is today’s post about the top 5 high graphics android games of 2020. Hopefully, Android game lovers have learned about some new games from the post and will enjoy playing them.

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