Top 10 Free and Interesting Games

A new year is clearly calling for a new list of new Android games. From exciting football games to thrilling racing to action packed shooting games  lots of games have been released on the Google Play Store over the past year.

Let’s see which game was the best ..

# 1. Soccer Wife – Multiplier Soccer

In fact, there are very few people in the world who are not fans of football. If you love to play football both online and offline then the football strike game is for you.

As its name suggests it is a multiplayer game where you can challenge competitors around the world through three online game modes Shooting Race Free Kcks and Career Mode.

In free kick mode you can take the opponent as a goalkeeper or striker as you wish. In this case to score a goal you have to throw the ball with your fingers and try to lose the goalkeeper To avoid scoring goals you need to move your goalkeeper in the right direction at the right time Time is the key to success in the game..

# 2. Like Reed’s Go: Highway Traffic

Moto Rider GO: Highway Traffic

After the action let’s see the game that will cross the road. The first racing game on our list is Moto Rider Go Highway Traffic 7 It has a bike a road and of course a competitor.

All you have to do is be tactful with the bike and win the race as fast as possible. In the first challenge you will get a simple bike which you can later change to an improved model with the cash and rewards earned.

The graphics of the game are quite good as an Android game and its control is smooth,

#3.Car Eats Car 2

Car Eats Car 2 – Racing Game

Car Eats Car 2 has given racing a different meaning This is a racing game that is driven by revenge You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business. You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business.

Well then is the matter of revenge a lie? The answer is no It appears when evil cars predetermined to destroy your car appear. You have to fight by throwing yourself into it You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business. You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business.

The graphics of the game are remarkable You will definitely enjoy this unique car game.

# 4. Recharge juice

ReCharge RC

Another fun racing game is ReCharge RC where in the first round you will find a dirt road and a small car with a remote controller to drive the car properly.

The game sounds very easy but very difficult to play.
The graphics of the game are not as good as those of Cars Eat Cars 2 but if you want to play a conventional RC game it is a game that fits your needs perfectly.

# 5. Blocky Bronco

Download QR-Code Blocky Bronco: Wild West RodeoBlocky Bronco

Blocky Bronco is a classic example of an addictive game The game has a mechanical bull and you are undoubtedly on top of the bull.

Your work? Holding the bull’s horns tight when it goes crazy to throw you away with a furious movement.

#6. Brutal Fighter: Gods Of War

Brutal Fighter : Gods of War

Fictional battle against powerful gods and warriors  this tagline is the vow of the game Brutal Fighter Gods Of War. You may have already guessed that this game involves demonstrating your martial arts skills.

The graphics quality of the game and the gameplay are both excellent. The game has a unique ladder centric approach that will help you climb one level up the reverse of each win. In the final level as always there is a boss with whom you have to fight the final 7…

Like any other fight game it has sharp weapons and explosive firearms which you need to unlock.

#7. Stickman Run: Shadow Adventure

Stickman Run: Shadow Adventure

A game of shadows and light and insane stickmen screaming for adult blood  this is the gist of the Arcade game Stickman Run Shadow Adventure.

The legendary princess who alone can illuminate the kingdom of the stickmen is abducted and the game begins.

To shorten the journey to rescue the princess you must concentrate on collecting coins and freeing them by killing enemies and getting your own super.


#8. Midnight Star: Renegade (Unreleased)

Midnight Star: Renegade – dawonlod

In the game Midnight Star Renegade (Unreleased) you will play the role of an elite GNSC soldier in a mission where your goal is to gain control over the alien nation’s privacy.

The game’s graphics touch swipe gestures are as good as expected. It also includes general features like customized weapons and upgrades Since this is not a fully released game there are probably some flaws in it..

# 9. Into T Dead 2

If you want to get more zombie action, you must play the game As a version of the popular game PIKPOK you have to shoot zombies in the middle of this game to save your family.

The game has seven action-packed chapters with 6 different challenges and stages The graphics of the game are amazing and I guess based on the popularity of the first version, Into the Dead 2 will soon reach the top of the popular charts.

# 10. Sniper: Ghost Warrior

Last but not least this time I have come up with a deadly sniper game for you. Sniper: Build your battlefield strategy with Ghost Warrior 7.

Your role in the game is that you are a hitman In the game you can customize and upgrade the look of your rifle or buy more advanced weapons if you want for better shooting. The dramatic death scene makes the game even more awesome as it ensures your shooting is done with dramatic close-up clips.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior


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