Top 10 Free and Interesting Games

A new year is clearly calling for a new list of new Android games. From exciting football games to thrilling racing to action packed shooting gamesĀ  lots of games have been released on the Google Play Store over the past year. Let’s see which game was the best .. # 1. Soccer Wife – Multiplier … Read more

Play these 5 brain games to increase intelligence

Just as we need physical exercise to stay physically healthy, we need mental exercise or brain exercise to stay mentally healthy. In addition to sharpening the brain by playing brain games, you can easily do the work of increasing your intelligence. If you don’t use the brain, it gradually becomes lazy, the sharpness of the … Read more

Pubji Mobile Games 10 Unknown Things

At one time the game Clash of Clans was very popular in Bangladesh. Everyone around was talking about it. But since the release of Pubji mobile game the name of another game cannot be heard. In the face of all gamers only pubji, all gaming chat topics are only pubji. Why is Pubji so popular? … Read more

Top 5 High Graphics Android Games 2020

Who doesn’t like high graphics android games? Because this kind of game is a lot like real-life game. Everything, including the location, the environment the characters, starts to shine. As a result, games with advanced graphics are liked by all mobile users Games are mainly our means of entertainment. We spend our private time playing … Read more