Search Engine Optimization SEO A to Z Tutorial [Part 1 What is SEO? Why is it used?

Welcome everybody to my first arrangement of SEO related articles. In fact the content of SEO is so huge that it is not possible for anyone to gain complete knowledge and the rules of SEO are constantly changing.

There are many SEO related tutorials but since most of them are in English, many have trouble understanding correctly. Entry Level is most of the tunes that are available on SEO in Bangla. So I will try to give you ideas about SEO from Entry level to Advance level although the basic rules are the same. So it is very important to know the Fundamental Rules for seo.

Part 2 –

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I’m new to SEO so I know a lot of SEO Expart will come to visit the site  so if there is a mistake in my writing if anyone informed me through the comments I would be very happy. SEO is a topic that only shares knowledge. It is possible to make accurate knowledge and if I am having trouble understanding the meaning of a word in my writing, then you can google it or let me know. E.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and why?
There are 2 types of Search Result.


Paid we will talk about Organic Search Result here. Because it can be spent on Free and Paid Search Result Ad only.
First we need to know how Search works?
Search Engine mainly works with two Component:

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Crawler – It mainly collects information from various websites via spider robot  bot) here the search engine or SE mainly follows any link then collects the information and stores that information in their database.
Algorithm Here the search engine analyzes the information received rankings according to the content’s Relevancy and Quality of the various pages. The algorithm of SE depends on many factors.


What is SEO?

SEO Search engine optimization Definition in Bangla is that SEO is a set of rules  techniques by which a website can get huge amount of visitors  traffic from different types of search engine google msn yahoo etc. In fact if you bring a website to the search engine’s first page through SEO the likelihood of getting a visitor is greatly increased.

To put it simply: If we want to download a song, one of the things we usually do is search Google by writing that song line. Now notice that after we press Search Button, Google shows some website names where we can find that song. This is how Google shows the name of the 5 wiresites per page. Now you may be wondering why some sites came up on the first page and why did the rest of the websites go to the back page  is Google doing what they want or is there any other reason? Of course there is something special about the first page sites, which is not on other sites. There is nothing special about SEO techniques that allow you to take your website to the first page. And the first page means more visitors.

Those who are new to SEO. 

Google Webmaster Guideline

Can follow If you follow Basic Rules you don’t have to worry too much about SEO. We create a website for a visitor so if you can present what they want to know then you will get 5-7% SEO. Why a visitor searches Either they are looking for answers to a question or they are looking for a solution or they want to meet their needs. If you can answer their questions solve problems or give them the information they need through your site you have no idea. SEO is generally divided into 2 parts On Page Seo Off page seo.


On Page SEO and Off Page SEO.
On Page SEO: Simply put what you are saying about your website
Off Page SEO: This is what others are saying about you.

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Use of SEO:

Let’s say you have a Baseball site that is currently  1. If you want someone to type Baseball Cards into the search engine and show it in the  1 position  you have to do that site’s SEO. Web optimization is typically done utilizing a famous Search Term or Keyword. Presently in the event that you need to get your image name topsy turvy by doing SEO and succeed, then this is not exactly SEO. Because Search Engine is smart enough and can easily distinguish your Company Name and Keyword. And the main thing is, the more competition for that Keyword, the harder it is to rank in that Keyword.

This is why it is best to do some planning before starting SEO. Suppose you open a new site that has millions of competitors already and another site that has maybe 5 sites, now you tell where it will be easier to compete within a million or not?

This is why it is very important to choose the right keyword for proper Seo Planning of the site. If Keyword Selection is not correct you will not get the results you want. Because a search engine uses these search terms when a person searches for something. So if you don’t know what people are looking for how do you meet their needs?

I am waiting here today to invite you to read the next episode.

I say again that I am not an expert in SEO. Collecting from different sites and trying to share with you.

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