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Also what I like about Poltava the most, as a young man is Poltava ladies who are presumably the prettiest ladies in the world with long blond hair sunny smiles and hot shapes. However for me as a foreigner it was a real challenge to book a hotel room as I found very little information about hotels in Poltava and most of them did not speak English. I additionally found a few travel offices that offered inn reservation benefits but I was quite befuddled about their 100% prepayment for lodging reservation as Ukraine was an odd nation and I was hesitant to lose my cash because of a great deal of misrepresentation cases that occurred. time.

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However finally I have a nice hotel and spend a beautiful time in Poltava! Now I will try to tell you all about the pros and cons of hotel reservation!

Firstly I would like to start with discussion about what is the best option to choose a reserve in a hotel room in Poltava directly or through a travel agent? This is a very contradictory question as in the case with agents you should provide a full deposit for reservation. Usually you can pay via Visa MasterCard online or through PayPal which is very convenient.


And in case you reserve a hotel directly from the hotel you can either pay your check or just transfer a money to their bank account. PayPal as well as Visa / Mastercard are not acceptable the only bank transfer which is very time consuming and inconvenient as you have covert dollars / euros to hryvyas. Also you should pay attention that all hotels in Poltava guarantee 100% reservation of hotel room only in case 100% prepayment which means if they have a client that complies with their prepayment conditions they will give them their preferences and when you finally come to Poltava you You may find that you have no room available at this moment or the best category which is much more expensive. When I examined this issue I found some posts of a guy who reserved a hotel room directly from the hotel as he spoke bad Russian which was enough. Which was only available at that time for 3 days until a standard room was available again, which was twice as expensive for him! Therefore in this case I would personally recommend you use a travel agent and make sure this agent is a local one as I had a lot of problems with agents who are located in a hotel other than cities.

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Another issue is the hotel to choose while traveling to Poltava. Their names are Palazzo hotel and Gallery hotel. They are both centrally located both have very comfortable and modern rooms. The initial price for their rooms starts from $ 70 that is if you budget enough for these hotels I would recommend you book one as they are really the best in Poltava! Another category of Poltava hotels consists of small private hotels which are very nice in general and worth every penny! These are the following hotels hotel Gold hotel Tourist hotel Yavir I have personally stayed in the Gold Hotel and I should say that I really enjoyed staying there a large room luxury leather furniture a  c king-size bed cozy location park zone and all this for US $ 50 per a night! A big advantage of this hotel is that you pay for a room but not for a number of persons so you can live with 2 or 3 people and the price will be the same!

If you are a budget traveler I would recommend you take a Yavir hotel as you can rent a nice room for 1 person for just $ 27 per night! This is probably the best price  quality ratio hotel in Poltava!

And the final question is how to reserve any hotel in Poltava. I have examined more than 10 travel agents who offered hotel reservations and finally gave my preference to travel agency Welcome to Poltava Firstly it is a local agency which means you will have no problem in any force majeure Secondly their rates are the best comparing to other travel agents Thirdly I have found them very helpful as they showed me the top interesting place in Poltava, gave a lot of valuable tips and even introduced some local girls with whom (Lena) I still have a romance!

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Also these guys picked me up at Kiev Borispol Airport and transferred me with all my baggage to Poltava!

So if you decide to travel to Poltava my recommendation is Travel Agency Welcome to Poltava.

Have a good time and Bon Voyage!

Full list of Poltava Ukraine Hotels: Palazzo hotel Yavir hotel Gallery hotel Tourist hotel Gold hotel Alleya Grand hotel Ukraina hotel.

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