Pubji Mobile Games 10 Unknown Things

At one time the game Clash of Clans was very popular in Bangladesh. Everyone around was talking about it. But since the release of Pubji mobile game the name of another game cannot be heard. In the face of all gamers only pubji, all gaming chat topics are only pubji.

Why is Pubji so popular?

The concept of ‘Battle Royale in Pubji games is new to gamers. In the case of multi-player games, this concept has easily attracted them.
Realistic game-play with a combination of characters, battle ground and graphics has given gamers a real experience to play games.
Pubji is a completely strategic game that causes a kind of chemical reaction in the players’ brains and keeps them busy planning.
The availability of sophisticated weapons and the convenience of reloading before engaging with the enemy has attracted many.
Tensions are running high in the game.
The availability of Desire cars like speed protection and cover has become a favorite of many.
In addition to these there are many other reasons behind the rapid popularity of this game. Anyone can quickly learn to play this game. And for newcomers, there are pubji tips. Therefore the number of players in this game is increasing day by day. However let’s get to know some of the unknowns of the game.

Pubji Mobile Games: Unknown Things
Pubji is great fun to play together with friends in multiplayer mode. This is a very addictive game to spend leisure time.

Pubji’s official website

1. Creator of Pubji
Everyone knows about the Pubji game. But if we ask them about the creator of this game, very few people will be able to name that person. That guy is Brendon Green. Brendon Green was no game designer. He was an Irish photographer and web developer.

2. How Pubji was created
The concept of the Pubji game was originally taken from a Japanese movie released in 2000. The name of the movie was Battle Royale. In this movie a few are left on an island. And they are told to kill each other. Only those who can survive to the end can survive.

Then another movie with the same concept was released in 2012. That is The Hunger Game. The movie became very popular. But there was no game with this concept. Then Brendon Green wanted to make such a game. Then he was introduced to Blue Hole game designer Chang Han Kim. The two of them and the members of Blue Hole made our favorite pubji together.

3. Pubji Company and Pubji Platform
The game is published by Pubji Corporation, a subsidiary of South Korean video game company Blue Hole. Later, with the help of Tencent Games Company, Pubji Corporation developed Pubji Mobile for Android and iOS platforms.

The game is then released for all platforms with the help of different companies. Pabji is made for 4 platforms. They are – Windows, Xbox One, mobile version and PlayStation.

4. Pubji mobile game release date
Windows: Pubji was first published for Windows. The first beta version was released on March 23, 2016 as Early Access. Then on December 20, 2017, the full version was published all over the world.

Xbox One: The initial access version of Xbox One was released on December 12, 2016. Officially published on September 4, 2016.

Mobile version (Android and iOS): Mobile version initial access was released on February 9, 2017 and released worldwide on March 19, 2017.

PlayStation 4: Released on PlayStation 4 on December 6, 2016.

Pubji Lite: Pubji Lite was first published in Thailand in January 2019.

5. The mystery of the name Pubji
Many of us find the name Pubji strange. But there is a reason behind it. The full form of Pubji is Player Unknown Battle Ground” i.e. fighting with unknown players.

In the pubji game we only know ourselves or the players of our own team. But the rest of the 99 or 98 players, we do not know them. From this concept, the name of the publisher has become player unknown.

Pubji’s world record
Pubji has been setting one world record after another since its publication. According to a report in December 2016, the Pubji game was played 3106 times by 356 players in one day. Which is a lot more than the other games released then.

In addition the game has sold 50 million copies so far. Pubji has become more popular, especially since the release of the mobile version. So far Pubji Mobile has been downloaded more than 100 million times. Pubji now has about 50 million active users.

The invention of the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.
At Pubji we all want to get a Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. But very few of us know the secret to a chicken dinner. Why this name is in the real pubji.

During the economic crisis of the 1930’s, people gambled a lot. And if they won, they would eat chicken at night. This is how the word pubji comes into play. The funny thing, though, is that we don’t gamble for a chicken dinner. We fight with each other to get chicken dinner.

The reason for naming it Eranjel
Is the name Erangel on the map of Pubji mobile game imaginary? Of course yes! However, there is a reason behind its naming. The name is inspired by Brendan Green’s daughter Erin.

The name Eranzel is formed by combining Erin and Angel. The buildings in Eranjel are modeled on those in the 1950s in the Soviet Union.

9. Is the name Pochinki real?

The name Pochinki is very familiar to pubji gamers. A player who has played in Iranjel, but not Pochinki, may not be found. But have you ever wondered can this name be true? The truth is, the name is real. There are several places in Russia called Pochinki.

10. The most interesting information
The Blue Hole Company did not spend any money to promote the pub. Pubji itself has become a publicity stunt. As per records, 55% of Pubji manufacturers were counter-strike geo players.

The fun of playing Pubji mobile games is as much fun as the story of making it. Hope everybody on this site also had a great day. However the pubji game gives us some fun as well as some damage.

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