Play these 5 brain games to increase intelligence

Just as we need physical exercise to stay physically healthy, we need mental exercise or brain exercise to stay mentally healthy. In addition to sharpening the brain by playing brain games, you can easily do the work of increasing your intelligence. If you don’t use the brain, it gradually becomes lazy, the sharpness of the intellect decreases and you need a lot of time to do anything. And playing a brain game is a great way to overcome this. Brain games are really very useful to increase intelligence.

Brain games to increase intelligence
When you spend your free time, you will easily forget anything as a result of not using your brain. Playing games can be very effective for exercising your brain. There are many brain training games for Android. So play these brain games to increase intelligence which will play a very important role in increasing the efficiency of your brain.

Mind Games
Mind Games is one of the brain games for Android. The game will help you increase your intelligence by training your brain. This app has over 26 mind games to train your brain. Which tends to be from easy to difficult.

The number of levels in the game is about 100. Math games, word games, etc. are included in this game. You can select any one of these games to play as you like and try to increase your intelligence.


The app will save your highest score and show the highest score to others who play the game. As a result, you can easily understand how your performance. So, you can play this game as a brain game to increase intelligence.

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Memory Trainer
Memory Trainer is a great brain training game for Android. The game is arranged in 20 different levels. It will test your visual memory, your attention and your ability to remember different colors and numbers. You can only play the next level when you have successfully completed the previous level.

A nice feature of the game is that it will show through a graphical form how your memory ability or how much your memory is improving. You can enjoy this wonderful brain game for free.

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Brain Age Test
Brain Age Test is a free Android application that tests the age or ability of your brain based on a few simple tests. The app tests your brain by asking you a series of questions, it exercises your brain. At the end of the quizzing session, the app calculates your success rate and tells you how old or capable your brain is.

Also, it will improve your memory and gently sharpen your brain. The game will help you tremendously to sharpen your brain and take your mental thinking to a new level. The game is connected to social networks and you can share your highest score with others if you want. And you can compete with others intelligently.

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Sudoku Master
The first game that comes to mind to sharpen the brain or increase intelligence is the puzzle game. The best of the puzzle games is Sudoku Master. The graphics of the game are awesome and a nice interface has been added to the game. The interface of the game is arranged in such a way that you can easily get all the options together.

The game has four levels including Easy, Normal, Solid and Expert. The game has a number of convenient features, including automatic saving, undoing, resetting, smart notes and hints options. You can also share your score with others or post online to increase this intelligence.

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MatchUp is another classic puzzle game that will greatly help you practice your brain and sharpen your memory. In the game you have to match the puzzles to match the pairs of cards. You can play any number from 2 × 2, 4 × 4, 5 × 5, 6 × 6, 8 8 8 and 10 × 10.

If you want to play something more difficult, you can also play with more puzzles. As the level increases, the images become more complex. So playing the game will really make your memory practice much better. As well as increasing the amount of your attention.

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These five brain games for Android will greatly increase your intelligence, decision making ability your memory skills. Games will play a very important role in sharpening your brain. If you play games regularly you can easily increase your intelligence and ability.

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