Making To Insurance Claim While Travelling

It is quite likely you’re planning on journeying to a popular foreign holiday destination this year.You may be looking forward to relaxing on the sun kiss

ed white sand beaches and trying a variety of exciting activities however it is important to remember there is a risk of holiday mishaps.You could contract a nasty foreign disease or injure yourself during a particularly challenging climb, for example. You’ll undoubtedly be thankful for the financial protection of holiday cover in such a scenario. But of you need to make a claim it will pay to know the correct steps involved.

Contact the Insurance Provider.

Those who’ve made the smart decision of investing in a comprehensive insurance policy can expect to receive a detailed policy overview. You will also be given the contact details of the specialist claims handlers. It is important you keep the details to hand in case of holiday accidents. You will then have the assurance of being able to file a claim and receive any money in the fastest time.

Making To Insurance Claim While Travelling

Flight Delays and Cancellations.

Insurance companies are generally willing to provide holiday cover against a wide variety of unexpected events. They will specify a certain amount of protection against the costs of flight delays and cancellations and you may even claim for food and hotel accommodation. However it is advisable to collect any receipts and ask the flight company for written confirmation regarding trips that have been rescheduled.


It is an unfortunate fact that travellers are often the victims of theft. There have been reports of pickpocketing and thefts from hotels in even the best and most popular resorts. There is a good chance that insurance will act as a safeguard against the theft of your valuable belongings however you can expect the claims handlers to ask for receipts and police reports. This may be a problem as foreign law enforcers are often loathe to corroborate the claims made by tourists. Fortunately insurers are becoming increasingly aware of this issue.

Medical Expenses.

It will be necessary to make immediate contact with the providers of your holiday cover if you have the misfortune of illness or injury during your travels. It is likely they will provide the necessary finance for operations and repatriation however the insurers will expect you send medical certificates and receipts in support of any medical claims. They will also ask if you have home and contents insurance that includes cover against the expense of foreign medical treatment.

Declined Claims.

If you take the measures outlined in this article there is a good chance your holiday cover providers will grant a financial reimbursement. However you do have the right to complain in the event that your claims are rejected. An independent and impartial ombudsman will then assess your individual case. They will take the time to assess all of the information and decide whether you have a right to any money that has been claimed.

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                                            Travel Insurance Essential Hassle Free Holiday.


Travel is as easy as turning a page in a holiday magazine and viewing your potential break on the Internet these days. But one of the most underrated and yet easiest aspects to forget when planning a holiday is the travel insurance for family members.

The benefits of purchasing a policy far outweigh not investing those few pounds. As well as providing essential cover during the entire stay it could well save you hundreds of pounds in the long run if indeed you do need hospital treatment or suffer an accident that cuts your holiday stay short. It can also help soften the blow of hefty medical costs and from any theft or damage you suffer while away from home.

Why buy a policy?

Good holiday cover is essentially a safety net for a family or individual. If you are in a car accident suffer a theft or require medical treatment a good policy is key  a hidden aspect that only comes to the fore when it is truly needed.

Getting a good company.

Half the battle these days is ensuring that you take out the right package with the right company. While comparison websites take the difficulty out of weighing up the best package at the best price, it is often which company is the most dependable that matters most. Companies that offer a diverse range of packages to match your demands or needs and ensure that travel insurance for family members is comprehensive and clear are your best bet.


The cost.

For some families, the perception is that cover can be mightily expensive for a holiday abroad and they will decide to wing it. But investing a small amount of time will actually highlight how affordable full coverage can be. Reputable companies have years of experience in this field and can offer the most competitive rates. Over the Internet you can quickly establish the best cover for you and your family and, importantly the cost.

Book at the time of confirming the holiday.

Rather than wait until the last minute and rush into a package you don’t want and is not relevant to your needs the best time to book is at the time of confirming your holiday. By doing so you can have the luxury of looking around and choosing the best package and ensure it kicks in when needed.

Where to go.

One of the main issues of holiday cover is establishing where in the world it applies  and doesn’t. If you are travelling far afield be sure to question your company as to what countries you will be covered in.

Extra benefits.

Given your travel insurance for family members is such an important issue check out whether your policy also offers extra free benefits such as upgrades and free equipment cover.

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