Emo account verification without mobile number If you have an emo account verified, you can easily communicate with anyone in any part of the world. There are two means of communication, one is text message and the other is phone call. Understand, you can send a quick message to any of your friends, relatives or acquaintances.

You can call him again, no matter how far away he is. Say audio and say video, there is no interruption in any call. You can talk for free with any friends or family who live far away without any fee.

What is emo?
Emo is an instant messaging app. This is one of the top 10 free calling apps for talking in audio or video. In general, emo – the full meaning of IMO is In My Opinion. And apps mean Instant Messaging Offer which acts as an instant way to communicate with anyone on any messaging platform.

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Text messages can be sent from emo, audio messages can be sent and audio and video calls can be made directly from the contacts in almost all messaging apps and tool including Facebook Twitter Google Talk, Skype, MSN Yahoo Messenger. However, you must know that emo cannot be used in 9 countries. Because, emo bands in these countries.

Mobile number required
But for all this you will need a mobile number. Because, whenever you download the app, you can’t use it. Because, in order to use it, you need to set up a user account. And you musts have a mobile number to verify the users account.

Your mobile number will receive a text message or voice call with a code number. And you haves to verify the account s with the code number send . So, understand that you need a SIM card to use Emo.

Now the question is can’t emo be used without SIM card or mobile number? The answer is yes. Anyone can use emo in addition to mobile number. And for this there are 3 different methods which you can use to set up an account.

Emo account verification without mobile number


Before you can open an emo account without a mobile number or SIM you need to download the emo app.


Download Emo

Download the Emo app on your smartphone.
Make sure you haven’t verified your account with a mobile number before.
If you have verified, all you have to do now to use emo without mobile number is to uninstall the app and reinstall it. This will automatically delete your current number.
After downloading and installing the app on your smartphone all you have to do is follow one of the following steps.

Method 1: Use the TextNow application

Whenever Emo asks you for a phone number for account verification, this free app will receive text messages or calls without your phone number. Basically, the app will allow you to use a free number that will come with a verification code and you can easily verify the emo account using that number.

Download TextNow

Once TextNow is installed open it. Then create a phone number by following the instructions that appear on the screen and write the number down on a piece of paper or anywhere you like.


Now launch the emo app on your smartphone.
Then select your country and enter the phone number you created with the TextNow app. Continue the verification process by clicking the Next button.

At this stage you will get a notification message from Emo where you will be given a verification code like the picture below.

If no notification comes to your phone try opening the TextNow app again.
If you don’t get there, wait a minute. When you get it, verify the account with the code number in Emo.


Method 2: Use the TextFree application

TextFree is another important app to use free phone numbers for any account verification. You will also find this app in the Google Play Store.

Download the TextFree app from the Play Store. Once TextFree is downloaded and installed, open it. Follow steps 2 through 2.8 to complete the set up process.

2.1: Click the sign up button.
2.2: On the next screen either tap or allow location permission or enter the zip code.
2.3: Choose a phone number with an area code.
2.4: Once the phone number is selected, tap the Select This Number button.
2.5: Enter your email address and any password on the next screen. And tap on the Create Account button. Your TextFree account will be created.
2.6: Once the account is done you will get your free number.
Now open the emo as before and verify the emo account with this free number.

Method-3: Use landline number

Although no one uses landline anymore. Yet someone in our country still has a landline. In particular, landlines are still used in offices. Fortunately, if you have a landphone, you can use it to create your emo account. To do this, follow the steps below-

Open Emo
Select the country. If you are outside Bangladesh, then of course, select the country you are in and give your landline number. If you are in a foreign country, the possibility of having a landline number is very negligible. So I assume you are in Bangladesh. So, select Bangladesh as the country and give the landline number of your office or home.
Now click on the Next button.
Now wait, a call will come to your landline number.
Receive the call and write down the code number you were asked to write.
Now open the emo again and verify using this code number.
Hopefully, you can easily verify your emo account using any of the above 3 methods. It will not require the use of your mobile number.


IMO is very happy to launch the new version of 2019! IMO is a free instant messaging app.

The smaller the IMO size of this version, the less data charges it will generate, faster and easier than the previous version.

IMO 2019 Features:

Suitable for all networks: Free and unlimited instant messaging, audio or video calls over 2G, 3G, 4G  or Wi-Fi.
Multimedia: Quick photo and video sharing, you can send and receive voice messaging or any type of file (DOC  MP3, ZIP, PDF, etc.&#41.
Free International Calls: Make free international calls with your friends and family! There is no extra charge for sending international messaging Experience extremely clear and HD quality instants video call with friend and family around the world!
Enjoy the  Powerful  group chat that can hold 100,000 people, share great videos and all kinds of files, send hundreds of free emotional stickers!
Suitable for all devices: imo messaging is fully available from Android, iOS, Windows and MacOS. You can view all your messaging, calls and other media directly from your desktop or Android tablet.

apps download imo

✔️Com Information Charge: Improve data traffic efficiency, create less data charges and save more money!
✔️Special Profile  Express yourself with special profiles choose from hundreds of call profiles, music themes and backgrounds!
Find your contacts quickly: You don’t need to remember your additional username or PIN, just login to imo with your phone number. You can use your address book to quickly connect with your friends and family
Find your hobbies: Join thousands of group chats or emo zones and find people with the same hobbies as you. You can get all kinds of resources from imo.
Cloud-based: All your messaging history and files can be securely synced to IMO Cloud to free up your phone storage. You won’t miss any notifications or messaging even if you close the application!
Other Features: imo Big Group, Emo Zone, imo Live Streaming, imo Video and many more new features coming!
* This application may cause some data charges. Contact your provider for details.

Official website: https://imo.im

✔️Free International Calls: Make international calls to your friends & family for free or start a international video conferencing!


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