Here are 4 super tips to get YouTube videos at the beginning of search

Here are some tips to help you get started on YouTube videos. You made the video with difficulty, but there was no view. For a YouTuber, there is nothing more sad than this! Many people use quality video, high quality cameras and microphones to bring video to the beginning of the search.
So, today I will discuss the strategy to bring the video at the beginning of the search. You do not have to spend any money to follow all these tips. All it takes is patience and hard work.

If you can follow just 4 tips, you can bring your video to the beginning of the search. You can also quickly increase your video views. We have discussed 4 tips step by step. Hopefully, this will help you to understand.

Tips to get YouTube videos at the beginning of search

Create demand based videos

The first thing to make a video is to make a video according to people’s needs. If you create a video on a topic that people have no interest in, then no one will search the video for that topic. If no one searches, there is no chance of your video coming up at the beginning of the search.

YouTube itself says that human demand is the first controller of video ranking. In other words, on the topic that people are in high demand, YouTube will bring that video first. Let’s not know, in what ways YouTube determines the demand for video. Such as:

Video Comments: Videos that have more comments, YouTube thinks they are more popular. Most of the time, you will see that the videos that come first after searching, the number of comments for all the videos is higher.

Subscribers:  If anyone subscribes after watching your video, you are Sohaga in gold. Because through this, YouTube can understand that your video is a very demanding video.

Video sharing: Depending on how much your video is shared on social media, many videos come up in search results. People don’t share useless videos anymore. So you need to share more videos to get YouTube videos at the beginning of search.

Click through rate CTR: YouTubers must have an idea about CTR. CTR is the click that comes after your video appears in the search results with any video search. Interestingly YouTube takes this click very seriously. When a lot of people click on your video, YouTube itself will bring it up first. Another unfortunate thing is that if your video doesn’t come up and no one clicks on it, your rank will continue to decline. Attractive titles and thumbnails needed to increase CTR.

Video Length: Does video length actually affect search rankings? What do you think? In a word, the answer is no. In fact in this case, the needs of the people must be seen. Just as it is not right to make a video unnecessarily big, it is not right to make a video small by omitting necessary things.

YouTube Keyword Research

Don’t be afraid to hear the word research. The task of keyword research is quite simple. At first it was a little hard but later it will be fine. Before uploading any video, you must do keyword research on that topic.

You can first use YouTube’s own search option to do keyword research. See when I wrote How to increase youtube, many keywords came down immediately. This way you can select keywords.

Another way is to search on YouTube by typing the keyword of the topic you are looking for. After searching, first click on the videos that will come up. Check out the titles and descriptions of their videos. Install the VidIQ browser extension on your PC to see the keywords in their videos.

There are also numerous websites online that offer YouTube keyword research. You can also take a look at 10 free keyword research tools.

YouTube video optimization

After completing the above two steps comes the matter of video optimization. There are several steps you can take to optimize your video.

Choose interesting titles. Make sure your main keyword exists in the title.
Write a description of at least 250 words. Enter the keyword 3 to 4 times in the description.
Tag. Although tags are not important in search rankings. But the suggestion will help bring the view as a video.
Promote video
Need to promote video after completing the above three tasks. The more your video is promoted, the higher it will be in the YouTube search rankings. Everyone knows how to promote video. Even then I gave some methods.

Share the video on social media websites.
Share videos on various Kochchen-Ansar websites.
Share videos in embedded form on blogs and websites.
Create playlists with keywords on YouTube. Add your videos to playlists.
Last word
Here are 4 tips to get YouTube videos at the beginning of search today. Following the tips will get your video at the beginning of the search. With good quality content, subscribers will grow very fast. However, keep in mind that you can’t succeed on YouTube without patience and hard work. Refrain from using illegal methods to rank quickly


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