Download Hindi songs 5 best websites for free

we want to download Hindi songs we often have to face many problems.

There are many of us who like Hindi songs a lot. Although thousands of Hindi songs are available online in audio video format. Many times we do not have internet connection. Or we don’t have enough megabytes to play or listen to any Hindi song directly from online.

So many of us want to spend just one megabyte to download the Hindi song of our choice on our mobile’s SD card or memory and then listen offline.

But for this we have to read a problem and that is that we often do not find a good download site to download Hindi songs.

So today I will tell you about the sites from which you can easily download any type of Hindi music, be it audio or video.


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Some of the best websites for downloading Hindi songs.

  1. If you want to download all kinds of Hindi songs and listen online then YouTube may be the best and first option for you because YouTube is a platform where all kinds of songs are released in the world first. Hindi songs are at the forefront of that list.

Although YouTube is a platform for listening to music online, you can still listen to and download songs of any kind in Hindi, Bengali, English or any other language online if you want.

How to download hindi songs from youtube?

If you want to download hindi songs from youtube you need to know etu tix because there is no download option of youtube so there are many of us who want to download hindi songs many times they have to wear a problem to download hindi songs from youtube without any download option. Will I download any kind of Hindi songs?

So that’s what I’m going to show you now or tell you how to download any kind of Hindi song.

So to download your favorite Hindi song you have to first go to this website then you will see a search option there you can search by typing the name of your favorite hindi song or write hindi new songs 2019 then press the enter button Thousands of new Hindi songs will come.

Then click on the song you like from here.

Then you have to look at the address bar of the browser you can download the song by making a small change there. So let’s see what needs to change.


All you have to do is add ss to the original address. And that must be done www. After that.


Then as soon as you press enter your desired download option will come and as soon as you click on that download option your Hindi song will start downloading.


This way you can download any type of Hindi song. Not only Hindi you can download any kind of song from YouTube if you want. This way you can download any format of a song in any resolution.

You can also download songs from YouTube with various extensions of your Chrome browser.


2 / My favorite website for downloading Hindi songs is I used to download most of the Hindi songs from this site even though I am currently listening to it on YouTube. You can also download any type of song from Ganadatcom if you want. Because it is a very popular website and all kinds of Hindi song updates are available on this site first of all so everyone likes this site and if you want you can download your favorite Hindi songs from this site.

3 / This is also a very popular website for Hindi songs though or it is usually used for listening to songs online. Those of you who want to download and listen to Hindi songs online can also visit this website. This is one of my favorite music websites.

4 / is a very popular website for downloading Hindi songs. However it is not completely free like the websites. However it is a very good website. Here you will find all kinds of Hindi songs that you can easily download but you have to pay for it. If you don’t pay you can’t download those songs in any way. Because it is a paid website. But yes if you want, you can download Hindi songs as well as many other types of songs from this website.


5 / This website may be your favorite website to download any type of Hindi song because you will find all types of Hindi songs here for free. And it is a very popular website India Bangladesh This site is popular in both countries. And you can easily download any type of song from this site you can not do it so easily from any other site, so the popularity of the site is high..

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