9 basic tips and tricks to do well in PUBG

The PUBG game has been trending in the online gaming community for several months now. If you can master the first few things then PUBG or PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds game will be fun for you. Needless to say online games are a little harder than other games because here you are playing directly with another person / group of people. And you must know that PUBG is a paid game i.e. you have to buy the game with money and then play it. And since you bought the game by spending money but can’t play well, so I brought today’s tune for you. In today’s tune I have come to talk about how you can get good results in PUBG. So let’s go straight to the tune without further ado..

1:  Keep an eye on the drop location

Like other Battle Royale style games each match in the PUBG game begins with 100 players dropping off a plane on an island. As a plane trajectory you must first select where to drop the map. My first tip today is to first choose a suitable drop location. In other words, notice where the battle is on the map first and try to drop all the spaces on the map. If you go down to where the fight is now, you will see that a dozen players have gone down with you and you will be knocked down by other players as soon as you land from the plane! So first try to land in a secluded place. Maybe if you land in a secluded place you won’t find anything to loot but in the game you will learn how to get off the plane first and survive.

2: Don’t be afraid to test BG drop points

First land as far away as you can from the first battle points. And master how to survive in the game first. However, at some point in the game you will have to face the battle, so first learn to land away. However the game is not a survival style game that can win the game by surviving the battle. Take some time at first to gain knowledge about the game’s control looting and mapping. Watch and observe who is playing where and how. Then use your intelligence to slowly move yourself in the middle of the map or where there is more fighting going on. On the other hand, don’t forget to plan how to do the looting. Remember that you will never get good results in the first place on the battlefield so don’t get upset or frustrated. Keep trying.

3: Be aware of looting


One of the key elements of the PUBG game is looting. So be aware of looting. Suppose you do not have a specific model of weapon. Now he will do nothing but foolishness by looting the weapon model. Remember looting is also a skill but you also have to learn how to apply it properly. When looting, try to loot very fast and do not stay in one place for a long time to loot. After landing in the game your first target will be to find weapons or loot weapons. Because suddenly the battle starts, what will you fight without weapons? With your school college pen? Lul!

After looting or collecting weapons and some ammunition your next target will be to find a body armor and a helmet. And always keep an eye on the enemy players in the vicinity, starting from the time you find them. Because anyone can start firing at you from anywhere in this game. If you get a body armor and a helmet you can pick up a First Aid kit and a backpack later. And when the level is up upgrade the helmet backpack and body armor first. If you learn to survive, you will have to learn how to loot the game through practice.

4: Find a partner or join the squad

You can learn all about the game relatively quickly by finding a partner and playing with them or joining a squad and playing there together, rather than playing the game alone. When I started playing PUBG for the first time. I found that I would die quickly after playing 3/4 matches and later I would get sad about the game and because of this I would not want to play the game for a few more days. But later when I joined a squad and started playing as a team, the game slowly started to feel good to me. The main advantage of playing as a squad is that you don’t have to play with these huge enemies of 100 people maybe you will fight with your square and the remaining 20/25 squads on the map. 20/25 is much better than 100. Even if you play as a squad you can loot separately for yourself and at the same time you can loot as a team. The main thing is that playing the game as a squad will make you feel more juicy.

5: It is better to find the right position than to loot


Would you like to get off the plane and get shot in the head from the 8X scope of the Karabiner 98 weapon and you were electrocuted ?! After the drop plane leaves the area you will only get 5 minutes to loot and these five minutes will go by very quickly. So don’t spend all these five minutes on looting to find the right position for you. If you are quite far from the next play area then you don’t have to find a car to start racing for the purpose of location if you want to choose a good position. Here you have to choose one of the two methods. Either be well equipped or set yourself in a better position in the next play area. Choose any one. However it is a light practice to play in the game and you will understand that it is wise to choose the right and convenient position for yourself in the next play area by collecting a lot of resources.

6: Time must be used wisely

You need to learn to use time properly PUBG is a game where you don’t have to think about shooting and winning. For example, if you have a weapon with an 8X scope and you have a clear shot at a player far away in the scope, you can shoot him, but not always. So if you have a 1% fear that your shot will not hit his village then it is better to let him go. Because a missed shot will expose your location information to other players on the map and maybe someone else is watching you. Due to the proper use of time. many people die quickly in the game and many people are in the top 10 list at the end of the match.

6: Sound should be given the most importance


Like other online shooting games in PUBG you have to give utmost importance to sound. And for that you must play the game using a headphone. Using headphones, you can hear who is shooting from which side of the map when and where, just as you can hear someone walking around your location. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. The game also has to be played by planning the attack by hearing different sounds including the sound of the building door opening, the sound of the players breaking the windows and entering the building, the sound of reloading the shotgun.

6: Zigzag race!

In the game, if someone fires at you you can avoid the bullets by going inside or behind a nearby object and taking cover. But if someone catches you in the open field, never go there to Prone or Crouch. Run there with your life. But never run along a straight line. Let the zigzag run. That means running once in a right-once left line until you find a cover. Rest for a while on the cover and then decide whether to go to war or run away from the battlefield.

9: You can run faster without weapons!

Did you know that you can run faster without engaging a weapon? Yes! Think about real life here. In the PUBG game, you can run faster and in pairs without engaging the weapon, just as the weight of the weapon is a problem for us to run. However, if you always practice running without weapons you can fall in the face of death if you suddenly fall in front of the enemy to take out the weapon! So everything has a right time. Which you will learn to practice by playing the game.

10: Bonus
What does it look like if you don’t give anything bonus when you go to tune about games as a gamer? Yes before finishing today’s tune, I went with some more short tips about PUBG for you. We hope you find the tips useful.

> In the pre-game you take off your shoes. The speed of running with bare feet and running barefoot is the same but running barefoot will reduce noise.

> To refuel the car, the car has to be stopped completely and then refueled. But if you want, you can easily refuel the car by right clicking Cannister from your inventory.

> Use markers on the map when playing in a team or squad.

> All doors are closed at the start of the game. If you see the door open in a building, make sure there is someone inside. In the same way if you leave a door open you are silently telling others that someone has come here.

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